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Peninsula Lake is a mid-sized, cold-water lake located just east of the Town of Huntsville in the District of Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. Municipal jurisdiction is split between the Town of Huntsville and the Township of Lake of Bays. The Lake encompasses a surface area of 868.8 ha (8.6 km2) and a total shoreline of 27.4 km. 

The shoreline of Peninsula Lake is generally characterized as being typical of most developed cottage country lakes. The land immediately surrounding Peninsula Lake is predominantly comprised of residential uses. However, there are 7 commercial resorts, one commercial ski hill and one residential condominium. There is no industrial development, although the area was heavily logged during the past two centuries. 


Peninsula Lake Community Association

The PLCA is a not-for-profit with an active membership. The Association is proud of its mandate which is to preserve, protect, restore and improve the natural resources, water quality and environment of the Peninsula Lake watershed. The Association is also proud of its history, the unbroken length of time some families have been at the Lake, and its active membership. Community involvement is necessary to maintain and improve the quality of life at the Lake.


Peninsula Lake Association

The PLA is a charitable association and is the "sister organization" of the Peninsula Lake Community Association. Members who join the PLCA are automatically members of the PLA. The PLA continues its environmental and stewardship work with the assistance of donations.

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