PLA Documents

Peninsula Lake Association

1979 July - Letters Patent

North Muskoka Lakes Association, Peninsula Lake Branch

1948 Aug 29 - AGM Minutes

1949 Aug 14 - AGM Minutes

1950 July 30 - AGM Minutes

1961 June 28 - Notice of AGM

Lake News Archives

September 2012: Peninsula Lake Association Planning Advisory Committee – Town of Huntsville Proposed Lakeside Lodge at Deerhurst Resort

September 2012: Deerhurst rezoning application

2012: Regatta survey

2008: OMB quarry decision document

2007: Penlake farms nature reserve…how it came to be

2007: OMB dismisses house quarry motion for review

July 2007: Letter to members

May 2007: OMB news updated 

Spring 2007: President’s message (Len Ross)

February 2007: OMB rules no quarry at Penlake 

February 2007: OMB decision

November 2006: Still waiting for OMB ruling on quarry 

July 2006: No Further Questions...

June 2006: Counting down to the OMB

April 2006: Update to Winter WRAFT Report

Winter 2006: WRAFT Report, Issue 5

Winter 2006: Penlake quarry hearing resumes this summer

March 2006: Quarry Hearing Re-Scheduled For July 2006

December 2005: President’s message (Len Ross)

December 2005: Township rejects quarry...again!

November 2005: House Quarry Application Township of Lake Bays File: Z39/05

November 2005: Ontario Municipal Board Hearing Stalled

November 2005: “Quarry/OMB” summary of the situation (Joe Doyle)

November 2005: Further background to this situation (Joe Doyle)

September 2005: Peninsula Lake lake plan update