Peninsula Lake Photos

Welcome to the Historical Committee's page of historical photos. We hope you enjoy going down memory lane. We tried to categorize by major subject matter and acknowledge where the photos came from, where possible.

You will note that the quality in some photos is not the best and that is because many were scanned from old originals that had marks or scratches on them. We have tried to enhance those as best as possible. Also, you will realize that these photos are only representative of the photos and information that were sent to us. If you think you would like to do something for your family, then please provide the photos and captions and even a story about your family &/or cottage, so that we can add more. This is a start and hopefully our database of material will continue to grow as we get more photos and stories.

These photos and captions were obtained and compiled by Janet Matthews and if there are any errors, if you would like to get a photo, or if you have photos to add for your family, please contact Janet at

Thanks to those who have contributed photos.

Janet Matthews, Co-Chair, 
Historical Committee

Photo Document Links

Algonquin Steamship on Penlake

Cottages along south and part of west shores - 1930's

Cruickshank and McMillin Family

F.W. Moffat Family

General Huntsville

Hutchinson Family

John King (J.K.) Moffat family

Logging on Pen Lake

McCready's and the Golf Course

Portage Flyer

Portage Inn and North Portage

Regatta in the ‘60s

Springsyde Shore near Hall's and Shultz's (White Rock)

T.L. Moffat Family

Views of Peninsula Lake