Peninsula Lake Historical Committee

Welcome to the Historical Committee section of the Penlake website! Penlake and its residents have a very rich history that we would like to keep alive for future generations. The original Historical Committee was formed in the 1990's and worked arduously to create and publish the book 'Penlake', in 1993. After its success, the Committee later published 'Penlake II', in 1997. These two books are wonderful legacies for all residents of the lake, many of them multi-generational. Once the publication of these two books was accomplished, the original Historical Committee disbanded.

In 2013 a new Historical Committee was struck to continue the effort to keep the history of our lake alive. Now that we are in the digital age, we want to preserve as much material of interest on our website and in our PLA records.

We are pleased to share with you what we have gathered to date. Our Historical page has a section on interesting articles from the past, another with interviews of people who have shared their memories and stories and yet another section with photos, which has been further sub-categorized by subject matter to make it easier for viewers to sort through.

We see this project evolving as we get more material from our lake residents. We also want to get the history of all the Stewardship Awards, the Regatta cup winners over the years and other historical information. Please contact Janet Matthews at if you have something you would like to share. We would appreciate any additional articles, photos or films that you can lend to us so we can make copies. All originals will be returned to you.

Please help us keep our history alive for generations to come!

The current Historical Committee is co-chaired by Eva-Marie Moffat and Heather Moffat. The members are: Lang Moffat, Carol Sissons, Tony Houghton, Barb, Alex Armstrong and Janet Matthews.

The content is organized into the following sections: